Einstein K Ntim Speaks at Africa Entrepreneurship Summit in Sudan


Founding Partner of the Global Startup Ecosystem heads to Sudan for the continent’s largest entrepreneurship summit to provide a keynote on “Exponential Entrepreneurship”.

The event is a part of a multi-country tour of the continent to source entrepreneurs for the launch of Africa’s largest digital accelerator via www.africastartupecosystem.com.

About Africa E Summit: Bringing together the most successful and influential figures in the region, along with those who aim to become one in the near future.The summit will explore the vast opportunities for young entrepreneur and address number of challenges. To enable entrepreneurs towards boosting the growth of their businesses and Sudan’s economy.The main focus of the Africa Entrepreneurship Summit are to enable innovative ideas to be known among Africans, and utilizing the abundance of opportunities within Africa and specifically Sudan.With the capabilities, skills, and knowledge possessed by our youth population in Africa and Sudan.Sudanese youth and entrepreneur could play a pivotal role in generating and boosting our economy, with the emphasis utilizing the right tools such as technology.

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