Einstein K Ntim Completes a 7 City Tour Across USA on Exponential Entrepreneurship

Check out the full report via Global Startup Ecosystem.  We started this mission with our first event on July 30th in New York. Over 460 applications were submitted for 100 spots. With such high demand, we conducted over 15+ boot camps across 7 different cities. Within 6 months we mentored over 2000+ entrepreneurs. Over 50%[…]

Einstein K Ntim Speaks at Africa Entrepreneurship Summit in Sudan

  Founding Partner of the Global Startup Ecosystem heads to Sudan for the continent’s largest entrepreneurship summit to provide a keynote on “Exponential Entrepreneurship”. The event is a part of a multi-country tour of the continent to source entrepreneurs for the launch of Africa’s largest digital accelerator via www.africastartupecosystem.com. About Africa E Summit: Bringing together the most[…]

Einstein K Ntim Speaks at Exponential Medicine Conference

Founder of Enabled.Ai and Managing Partner of the Global Startup Ecosystem heads to San Diego, California for the 2016 Exponential Medicine Conference. Einstein will be providing a brief keynote on mental health strategies for extreme innovators in observance of World Mental Health Day. World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year, with[…]